Friday, December 10, 2004


brrr,its cold in here, feels like im living in a fridge! no, make it da freezer! its 4 degress here, dat means i hafta wear 2 shirts n 2 pants to keep myself warm, n dats just in da hse! thank goodness i haf no jetlag, i sleep throughout da nite, so im feeling good now. had cranberry juice wif biscuits toppped wif cheddar cheese n jalapeno pepper cheese....mmm mmm, scrumptious! (fattening too!) well, its ok to indulge once in a while, can i hear an amen to this? took a walk wif my mom to a grocery shop nearby, n u'll b taken aback by da prices. spring onions n coriander ( cong n yim sai) here costs 1.79 US dollars each! back home they were dirt cheap! garlics here r 1 US dollar for 3! expensive!!! but they haf sales every now n then, so i guess we can cut back on other stuff...btw, my mom didnt put on weight, its da camera's fault, adding pounds to her pic, n my bro's almost as tall as me...hmp! oh ya, they haf 200 channels over here, n r currently showing some of da latest movies! cool huh! dis is haven for me. no need to spend $ on pirated vcds anymore!

just saw a show called 'Date My Mom'. a guy has to date 3 moms to select which dawter they wanna go out wif. most of da time, da guys r hunks...2day it was a cute guy, who can sing! a double bonus! da moms would go out, haf fun, tok about their dawters, n hope their dawters get selected. then my mom who was sitting bside me asked if i would ask her to do me dis favour. oh no, puh-leeze, im not dat desperate...i blif my prince charming on a white horse would come riding and sweep me off my feet when da time is rite. cheers!


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