Saturday, December 11, 2004

New York, New York

my dad took us to NY, parked our car. da parking in US is really expensive, today, its 12 USD for da whole day, which is considered cheap. other days its about 10 USD per hour! pay until we 'lut fu'! after dat, we walked around NY. its flooded wif ppl everywhere. first thing we saw the tallest christmas tree in da world at rockerfella center (father's place). its about 20 feet tall! and theres an ice skating ring nearby which is da center of attention. there r lots of broadway shows going on, n my! da queues r soooo long! we grab a few samples of food on da way, which is quite good. then we passed by a haunted house, which also has a long queue. i wanted to see, but my dad wouldnt allow, hes not a fan of horror. guess wut? madam trussaue's is there too! but we didnt go in as da line was also long. went to see time square in da morning. hmm, nothing special. oh ya, trump hotel n buildings r like practically everywhere! if u see the apprentice, u should noe who donald trump is. later, we went to macy's. the biggest shopping mall. it had 9 floors, and very very big. da store soncept is like jusco, stuff all around, but neatly placed, no individual shop outlets like wut m'sia malls haf. hmm, shopping heaven!

later, we went down to china town by train. there r lots of chinese, but most of them r mainly from mainland china, so their slang is diff, when they speak chinese, i sumtimes gotta take time to understand wut they r trying to say. for dinner, my dad took us to a m'sian restaurant, where they serve m'sian food like nasi lemak, roti canai, kangkung...well, i gotta admit m'sian food in m'sia is still da best. its not dat nice over here. aww...i really miss m'sian food...

went back to NY, to see time square at night. wow, it was breathtaking and beautiful! lights everywhere! too bad i dun haf da pics to show ur coz being da 'big head prawn', i 4got to bring da camera along...but i promise i will take it wif me next time i visit NY! its getting late now, i better go n sleep, peace out!


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