Monday, December 06, 2004

mixed feelings

in da plane rite now...on da way to US. had just parted wif my frens n relatives in M'sia who had close ties wif me. feeling kinda down coz i miss them T_T...on da other hand, its exciting to b able to meet my mom n bro again after 6 months of separation, i wonder if mom has put on weight n how tall is Colin now, hope he's not taller than me, or i will hafta look up to scold many questions popping in my head, will i get use to da life there? r da Americans frenly? will i get frens as good as my frens back in M'sia? how long do i hafta take to adapt? urghh, so frustrating...but deep inside i gotta admit dat im also afriad, afraid dat i can't fit in, an outcast...well, look on da bright side, i'll gain more experience, n i haf my whole family there to support i guess im fortunate in dat sense...hmm, its been 12 hours on da plane, legs r getting numb n my butt is hurting bad, thank goodness da food tastes ok, plus there r 12 channels to choose from, dat will keep me occupied for a while. another 9 more hours to go, hope i can survive da flight b4 i grow moldy just sitting there...oh yah, i remembered, jin sun, khon khoon n mi ran gave me sumthing b4 i leave...its a da colour, it blends nicely, enclose wif it is a touching note, hmm, how nice to haf such good frens, i wouldn't trade anything in da world for them...wait a second, mayb $, haha, just joking! my eyes r beginning to close, time to shut down, peace out!


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