Friday, October 08, 2004

OMG,real scary!

omg, omg, omg! 2day my aunt and i were waiting for my grandaunt to get ready to go out for breakfast, then suddenly we heard sum1 howling like a wolf from 3rd floor. ahh, ahhhhh...very loudly! my grandaunt is staying at a flat on the ground floor. when my grandaunt heard the howling, she said "its her again, shes been howling like dat for quite some time! till the guards and police have to come to calm her down!" actually, its not dat scary, but when ppl say dat shes gonna jump down, dats real scary! we r in da hse when we heard passers-by pursuading her to get back inside her hse. later, she got ready to jump from the balcony. da worse thing is, of all hses, hers has got no grills! im telling u, its really scary, especially when ur in da hse, u dunno wuts happening n when shes gonna jump. its diff when ur outside, u can turn ur head when shes getting ready to jump, but in da hse, u dunno when shes gonna jump n out of a sudden, u see her land rite in front of ur eyes! isnt dat gross? we cant stand da suspence n quickly got in da car n zoom off. b4 we left, i saw her climbing out of her hse n sitting at da window, getting ready to jump. da guard yelled at her to get back in, thank goodness she obeyed, if not...u can guess wut could haf happened. aww man, hope she gets treatment asap b4 she does anything c2pid! whew, dats 1 scary incident!


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