Thursday, September 30, 2004

wah...bad news :~(

sob, sob...bad bad news, received a call from my dad yesterday telling me dat i hafta leave earlier! aww man, how sucky can dis b? anywayz, i tawt he was gonna ban me from going out since spm is just around da corner...but i got worse news, i gotta leave on da 5th!!!! i mean dats so early! its not 2,3 days earlier, but 6 days! its like almost one week! haihz, wuts a gal to do? my dad has to get back to work, cant really blame him...hope i have enuf time to fellowship wif my frens b4 i go!

got whining from my frens at skool when i told them bout da bad news! plus i gotta go thru a seriously boring session of BM seminar! how bad can my day get? thank goodness i got my entertainment sitting rite next to me....haha, my fav victim! ying chee! i resorted to disturbing her for da whole session, actually im doin her a favour by keeping her awake thru out da whole seminar! ekek, u wun blif wut crazy stuff we did...leg fighting, tickling each other, tugging at each other's shirt...haha...well, in case for those ppl who dun really noe me, im a perfectly normal gal, but when im put 2gether wif sum1 crazy, i can go really bonkus! :P