Saturday, December 11, 2004

New York, New York

my dad took us to NY, parked our car. da parking in US is really expensive, today, its 12 USD for da whole day, which is considered cheap. other days its about 10 USD per hour! pay until we 'lut fu'! after dat, we walked around NY. its flooded wif ppl everywhere. first thing we saw the tallest christmas tree in da world at rockerfella center (father's place). its about 20 feet tall! and theres an ice skating ring nearby which is da center of attention. there r lots of broadway shows going on, n my! da queues r soooo long! we grab a few samples of food on da way, which is quite good. then we passed by a haunted house, which also has a long queue. i wanted to see, but my dad wouldnt allow, hes not a fan of horror. guess wut? madam trussaue's is there too! but we didnt go in as da line was also long. went to see time square in da morning. hmm, nothing special. oh ya, trump hotel n buildings r like practically everywhere! if u see the apprentice, u should noe who donald trump is. later, we went to macy's. the biggest shopping mall. it had 9 floors, and very very big. da store soncept is like jusco, stuff all around, but neatly placed, no individual shop outlets like wut m'sia malls haf. hmm, shopping heaven!

later, we went down to china town by train. there r lots of chinese, but most of them r mainly from mainland china, so their slang is diff, when they speak chinese, i sumtimes gotta take time to understand wut they r trying to say. for dinner, my dad took us to a m'sian restaurant, where they serve m'sian food like nasi lemak, roti canai, kangkung...well, i gotta admit m'sian food in m'sia is still da best. its not dat nice over here. aww...i really miss m'sian food...

went back to NY, to see time square at night. wow, it was breathtaking and beautiful! lights everywhere! too bad i dun haf da pics to show ur coz being da 'big head prawn', i 4got to bring da camera along...but i promise i will take it wif me next time i visit NY! its getting late now, i better go n sleep, peace out!

Friday, December 10, 2004


brrr,its cold in here, feels like im living in a fridge! no, make it da freezer! its 4 degress here, dat means i hafta wear 2 shirts n 2 pants to keep myself warm, n dats just in da hse! thank goodness i haf no jetlag, i sleep throughout da nite, so im feeling good now. had cranberry juice wif biscuits toppped wif cheddar cheese n jalapeno pepper cheese....mmm mmm, scrumptious! (fattening too!) well, its ok to indulge once in a while, can i hear an amen to this? took a walk wif my mom to a grocery shop nearby, n u'll b taken aback by da prices. spring onions n coriander ( cong n yim sai) here costs 1.79 US dollars each! back home they were dirt cheap! garlics here r 1 US dollar for 3! expensive!!! but they haf sales every now n then, so i guess we can cut back on other stuff...btw, my mom didnt put on weight, its da camera's fault, adding pounds to her pic, n my bro's almost as tall as me...hmp! oh ya, they haf 200 channels over here, n r currently showing some of da latest movies! cool huh! dis is haven for me. no need to spend $ on pirated vcds anymore!

just saw a show called 'Date My Mom'. a guy has to date 3 moms to select which dawter they wanna go out wif. most of da time, da guys r hunks...2day it was a cute guy, who can sing! a double bonus! da moms would go out, haf fun, tok about their dawters, n hope their dawters get selected. then my mom who was sitting bside me asked if i would ask her to do me dis favour. oh no, puh-leeze, im not dat desperate...i blif my prince charming on a white horse would come riding and sweep me off my feet when da time is rite. cheers!

Monday, December 06, 2004

mixed feelings

in da plane rite now...on da way to US. had just parted wif my frens n relatives in M'sia who had close ties wif me. feeling kinda down coz i miss them T_T...on da other hand, its exciting to b able to meet my mom n bro again after 6 months of separation, i wonder if mom has put on weight n how tall is Colin now, hope he's not taller than me, or i will hafta look up to scold many questions popping in my head, will i get use to da life there? r da Americans frenly? will i get frens as good as my frens back in M'sia? how long do i hafta take to adapt? urghh, so frustrating...but deep inside i gotta admit dat im also afriad, afraid dat i can't fit in, an outcast...well, look on da bright side, i'll gain more experience, n i haf my whole family there to support i guess im fortunate in dat sense...hmm, its been 12 hours on da plane, legs r getting numb n my butt is hurting bad, thank goodness da food tastes ok, plus there r 12 channels to choose from, dat will keep me occupied for a while. another 9 more hours to go, hope i can survive da flight b4 i grow moldy just sitting there...oh yah, i remembered, jin sun, khon khoon n mi ran gave me sumthing b4 i leave...its a da colour, it blends nicely, enclose wif it is a touching note, hmm, how nice to haf such good frens, i wouldn't trade anything in da world for them...wait a second, mayb $, haha, just joking! my eyes r beginning to close, time to shut down, peace out!

Friday, October 08, 2004

OMG,real scary!

omg, omg, omg! 2day my aunt and i were waiting for my grandaunt to get ready to go out for breakfast, then suddenly we heard sum1 howling like a wolf from 3rd floor. ahh, ahhhhh...very loudly! my grandaunt is staying at a flat on the ground floor. when my grandaunt heard the howling, she said "its her again, shes been howling like dat for quite some time! till the guards and police have to come to calm her down!" actually, its not dat scary, but when ppl say dat shes gonna jump down, dats real scary! we r in da hse when we heard passers-by pursuading her to get back inside her hse. later, she got ready to jump from the balcony. da worse thing is, of all hses, hers has got no grills! im telling u, its really scary, especially when ur in da hse, u dunno wuts happening n when shes gonna jump. its diff when ur outside, u can turn ur head when shes getting ready to jump, but in da hse, u dunno when shes gonna jump n out of a sudden, u see her land rite in front of ur eyes! isnt dat gross? we cant stand da suspence n quickly got in da car n zoom off. b4 we left, i saw her climbing out of her hse n sitting at da window, getting ready to jump. da guard yelled at her to get back in, thank goodness she obeyed, if not...u can guess wut could haf happened. aww man, hope she gets treatment asap b4 she does anything c2pid! whew, dats 1 scary incident!

Wednesday, October 06, 2004


went 4 karaoke! omg, i was so excited coz dis is da 1st time going! well, went there wif tong chuan, mou mak, ah jit, mi ran, jin sun n jun xiong. haha, its kinda funny that dis group of frens r suddenly so close after 1 nite out 2gether for a movie,haha...since den it was like, magic! we clicked 2gether n got closer. enjoyed da karaoke part, very fun! but tong chuan was mad at da person who collect da payment n return da payment, according to him, they were very rude, n he was so pissed off, so we gotta take his black face. then, we went 4 ice skating. haha, another pissed off person...well, at 1st we were prepared 4 ice skating, bringing along our gloves, but we got a fon call from mou mak telling us dat they dun wanna go ice skating, so we left da gloves in da car...haih, wasted RM5...almost all of us noes how to skate,not very well, though, but we can manage to balance n get ourselves around on ice. but dis is mi ran's 1st experience, so we gotta help her to get around, its normal, but da poor thing fell few times, a real big *OUCH! but she managed to get around, its good 4 a beginner, after a few times n she'll b flying on ice,haha. i had a wonderful time on ice too. mou mak who was quite good at skating took me around a few times, n jun xiong gave me a ride! everything spelled F-U-N! but, *sigh, too bad i gotta go back earlier than da rest...cant wait 4 our next outing! gosh, i've bcome addicted to going out! well, im really lucky to haf dis wonderful group of frens!

Thursday, September 30, 2004

wah...bad news :~(

sob, sob...bad bad news, received a call from my dad yesterday telling me dat i hafta leave earlier! aww man, how sucky can dis b? anywayz, i tawt he was gonna ban me from going out since spm is just around da corner...but i got worse news, i gotta leave on da 5th!!!! i mean dats so early! its not 2,3 days earlier, but 6 days! its like almost one week! haihz, wuts a gal to do? my dad has to get back to work, cant really blame him...hope i have enuf time to fellowship wif my frens b4 i go!

got whining from my frens at skool when i told them bout da bad news! plus i gotta go thru a seriously boring session of BM seminar! how bad can my day get? thank goodness i got my entertainment sitting rite next to me....haha, my fav victim! ying chee! i resorted to disturbing her for da whole session, actually im doin her a favour by keeping her awake thru out da whole seminar! ekek, u wun blif wut crazy stuff we did...leg fighting, tickling each other, tugging at each other's shirt...haha...well, in case for those ppl who dun really noe me, im a perfectly normal gal, but when im put 2gether wif sum1 crazy, i can go really bonkus! :P